Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Launch Conference - Oakbrook Illinois, July 18-21, 2010

Conference Welcome

Stephen Tallman
GSJ Co-editor

Torben Pedersen
GSJ Co-editor

The GSJ Launch Conference will be held in Oak Brook, IL, on July 18-21, 2010. The major purpose is to define the aims and scope of the journal, in order to establish the territorial boundaries that we believe help define global strategy. The conference is built around the ten themes expressed in the journal webpage. These ten themes are not mutually exclusive, disjoint topics, but overlap and interrelate and are intended to cover the spectrum of global strategy topics.

The two and one-half day conference will be comprised of ten sessions, based on the ten themes, with ample opportunity to interact in an informal atmosphere. It will also provide opportunities for further personal interaction at meals and breaks.

Interactive Idea Exchange

Moderators, authors, discussants, editors and editorial board members, and other attendees will have the opportunity to interchange their ideas, to learn from one another, and in the end, to influence the material that will appear in the defining Volume 1 of the GSJ. Here is how we expect that to work:

GSJ Contents

Volume 1 of the GSJ will contain the invited papers, revised, extended and influenced by the product of the conference and the revision work that will follow it. In addition, it will contain appropriate comments around each of the ten topic sessions. Moderators, discussants and editors will contribute this material as appropriate and as determined by the Co-Editors.


The order of these session presentations is largely determined by the schedules of busy persons. Of course, there is no optimal flow, but we strongly believed that the ten sessions taken together will guide us through all aspects of the universe of global strategy.

Session Participants and Their Roles

Each session will be presented by a panel. The panel will be composed of a Moderator, who is the leader of the discussion, not just as an MC, but as a commentator and arbiter of specific issues that should be discussed and given priority in the 105 minutes that are devoted to each session topic. The Moderator will position the theme within the global strategy area and offer ideas on the relevance and development of the thematic area as well as commenting on the coverage by the included papers. At least two presenters will have time to present issues that they (and their co-authors) have developed in their respective papers. The presenters will not present their papers in their entirety, but will focus on the most significant issues that are developed in their papers, and which they believe help to define the topic and thereby the research agenda. The Discussant will comment specifically on the papers in the session and may offer further ideas about the theme in general. The Moderators and Discussants are reviewers and commentators on the nature of the topics presented, on topics which they believe should be presented at the session, and on the relevance of the theme to the study of global strategy.

Beyond the time allotted to each member of the panel to present and comment, the Moderator will engage the audience in the topic conversation to the extent possible. All sessions will be recorded, for use by the authors and editors in revising and preparing the material for inclusion in Volume 1, and possibly for viewing by SMS members via the GSJ website (with proper release). The Moderator and Discussants have been invited, as deemed appropriate by the Co-Editors, to prepare written comments for Volume 1 of the GSJ.


Above all, we want the entire conference to be interactive, one that involves every attendee who wishes to make a contribution on any topic under discussion. It is the responsibility of the Moderator to help insure that interaction, and the Moderator will aid the presenters by insuring that comments are positive and constructive, and of value to the development of the topic itself.

Paper Revisions

When the conference ends, the paper authors will revise their papers in light of oral and written comments made to them by the commentators/reviewers through the editor charged with handling the paper and accepting it for publication in Volume 1. Two requirements expected to be met for publication: 1) timeliness, and 2) quality. In terms of timeliness, the finished paper will be expected by October 1, 2010 for further editorial processing and printing. From the end of the conference until October 1, any requirements placed on the paper by the editor should be completed and the paper made ready for acceptance on the basis of content and for the necessary copy editing to make it ready for printing.

Volume 1 will appear in two special issues. The material it contains will be copyrighted, with the Strategic Management Society as the copyright holder. The material will be published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. in both print and electronic form. All SMS members will receive the GSJ along with the institutional and individual subscribers – in total this is expected to be about 4000 printed copies of the volume.

Importance of Roles

To make the launch work effectively and efficiently, everyone must perform his or her role as outlined above. Everyone in attendance must do the best job they can of familiarizing themselves with the papers that will be electronically presented in draft form to them prior to the conference. To accomplish the mission of properly launching GSJ as a significant scholarly journal, all of us in attendance must be prepared for a positive, constructive conversation about global strategy and its future.

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